First Anniversay Dinner (and cake!)

I just realized I never posted this, oops! I’m sooo close to being finished with my master’s portfolio, and when that happens I’ll share more about our summer. In the meantime, here’s a bit about our anniversary dinner!

James’ schedule in the summer is super crazy, so we decided to do our anniversary dinner the Saturday before at a place his boss raves about: La Table d’Euguene.

It’s not in the best part of town, but wow was it good! We only snapped these two pictures right before we starting eating, but everything was delicious! That being said…there were quite a few fancy things on the menu we were a little scared of/didn’t know what they were. Pigeon? Apparently it’s what fancy restaurants serve, but James and I decided to skip it. (Oh, also they’re not the pigeons you see on the street. Whew!) For our starters James had chicken and mushroom ravioli and I had a poached egg with asparagus and cucumbers in a parmesean cheese sauce. My main course was a lamb chop, lamb stew, and mashed sweet potatoes, while James had a giant porkchop with the best mushroom & cheese risotto I have ever tasted. Amazing!

I was a little disappointed in my chocoate-themed dessert (the waitress melted the ice cream & hard chocolate shell by pouring hot chocolate over it!), but James citron-theme was wonderful.

Since we ate the top layer of our wedding cake about a month after we were married (it was SO good!), James asked one of the chef’s at the cooking school to make us a mini red velvet cake. We had it with champagne (the real stuff!) on our actual anniversary.

(Also pictured: a sweet postcard, cards from our parents, and super thoughtful gifts from Kim)


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