Summertime in Paris

Our summer has been full of wonderful visitors! I wish I would have and time to document everything, but here’s a quick recap.

#1: Jon & Elise

Jon and Elise were our first visitors to arrive and stayed with us for two weeks in mid-May. I was a little nervous about having so many people in our little place, but really, it worked out perfectly. They explored the city during the day while James and I worked, and then we met back up at the apt for dinner and to share stories about our day.

#2: Mom & Dad

My parents actually arrived in the middle of Jon & Elise’s stay, but because they had planned a bus tour of northern France they were only in the city a couple of days before they left. They absolutely loved the tour they took and were able to stay a few extra days with us in Paris at the end.

#3 Kim & family

Kim and her family spent about 4 days in Paris before they moved on to Brussels and Amsterdam. It was SO fun to see her and wander around the city, just like old times!

#4 Feess Family

James’ parents and sister arrived in late June for their European vacation. Paris was their first stop and they stayed not too far from us in a super nice apartment. James and I both had to work a bunch when they were here, but we still managed to have a couple days off to spend with them. After their week in Paris we all headed to Lucerne, Switzerland (post coming soon)!

#5 Shawn

Arriving in mid-July, Shawn was our last guest of the summer. He was basically on his own when it came to sight seeing because of James’ busy schedule and me working on my master’s portfolio. Even so, we all were able to watch the Tour de France!

We were super sad to see everyone go, but since it looks like we’ll be here through January, we hope to get some more visitors!

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