Cristóbal Balenciaga and Comme des Garçons, White Drama

A few days ago I checked out two temporary exhibits going on at Les docks en Seine, organized by Le musée Galliera hor les murs.

Have you ever seen this building? I always thought it was just a (super cool) office building. James though it was part of the train station. Turns out: it’s a museum/exhibition hall of sorts for fashion and design. They have temporary exhibits, fancy boutiques, a rooftop restaurant/bar, and kids can take art and design classes there. This is the first summer it has been open to the public. Fun!

The first exhibit was a collection of original haut couture pieces by Cristóbal Balenciaga,  as well as his personal collection of vintage fashion.

The second exhibit, called Comme des Garçons, White Drama, was a little more “Lady Gaga” and featured designs by Rei Kawakubo. Some of the pieces where a little out there (I mean, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t breathe with some of the dresses on!), but I thought it was really cool. All of the mannequins were displayed in these giant clear bubbles.

Its only 6 euros for both exhibits and they’re there until early October. I’m hoping to take James back for drinks on the rooftop bar!


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