Restaurants in the 11th

James and I have been trying to check out more restaurants in our neighborhood since we know our time here is limited, and this past month we were able to try quite a few places. I’m even starting to like French food…well, mainly confit de canard (although we don’t stick to French food for our outings). Here’s where we’ve been!

Blues BBQ
Real BBQ in Paris! The lady who owns the place is from Dallas and extremely sweet. I had the pulled pork with coleslaw and James had the Kansas City Strip sandwhich with French fries. Delicious! They have a cute website and you can even order food to go.

Café de l’Industrie
Probably my favorite restaurant in Paris. We first went here back in August with a couple of friends before I left for the US, so we decided to come back and celebrate my degree. It’s super quirky and fun, plus you don’t need a reservation (even on a Saturday night!). The confit de canard is extremely good. (James had a steak du jour and loved it too.) We just went back for my birthday and and it’s as good as ever. I also highly suggest getting the mi-cuit chocoate cake!

La Taqueria
A little mexican restaurant right around the corner from us. We were a little surprised with how small the tacos and quesidillas were, but overall it was quite good. I’d recommend the beef quesidillas.

Café Fusain (sorry, no pics!)
We’ve been here quite a few times to get drinks, but this was our first time for dinner. James had the rotisserie chicken and I had steak & fries. Overall, your basic café food, but super convienent for us since we just have to walk down the stairs. (I swear I could here Henry barking in our apartment from our table…haha)

Le Vertigo
James and I found this café while walking Henry, and I immediately knew what we would order: magret de canard aux figues and carbonade flammande. The restuarant is a fusion between southern and northern France specialities and made me think of my time in Cambrai. We also had two really yummy desserts, mousse au Speculoos and tarte tatin (caramel apple pie). Loved it!

The funny thing is, before we started walking Henry around the neighborhood, we didn’t even know most of these places existed. Crazy!

I found out a few weeks ago that my contract will officially not be extended. We really bummed, but honestly, this is probably the best thing to do right now. Considering I originally came here with only a six-month internship, we’ve already been able to stay longer than expected. We have our apartment until the end of February, so my goal is to make the best out of these next few months and not be a Debbie Downer.

And to post more of what we’re up to! Seriously, where has the fall gone??!!


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