French children’s clothes and toys

James and I are 100% sure we’re not ready for kids right now (I can barely handle Henry!), but I still can’t help wanting to stock up on sweet little baby/child Frenchy things while we’re here. Who knows when we’ll be back?!?!

Here are some of my favs:



Super fancy children’s clothes and perfume.


Petit Bateau

A little more affordable and functional. Just as cute!



Moulin Roty

We’ve actually sent a few of these dolls home to friends and family who’ve had babies in the past year or so. It’s so hard to choose my favorite…but I think I’d have to go with Balthazar et Valentine (cute berets and fun colors!).


Although La Grande Famille collection is equally adorable!


Les Coquettes by Moulin Roty

I couldn’t find these on Moulin Roty’s website, but I saw them at Galeries Lafayette and they are soooo cute.



Classic French wooden toys


I love seeing teeny French toddlers flying down the street on these:



More classic wooden toys, I love the breakfast set and the grill!



Marie de Paris


This was my niece’s Christmas gift (the English version), and it’s sooo cute. Probably a little more appropriate for a 7-10 year old, but younger kids will still enjoy the pictures. There are also book from other major cities around the world that look equally adorable (Max from Sydney, Felix from Berlin, Lily from New York).

I’m trying really hard to resist stocking up everything, our bags will super full as is! Maybe just one doll or two wouldn’t hurt…


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