Ice skating at the Grand Palais

Every year Paris sets up a number of ice skating rinks around the city (last year we went to the one at the Hotel de Ville), but this year there was an extra-special one at the Grand Palais.


The patinoire is set up underneath the glass ceiling of the Grand Palais and to make it super cool, they add lights and music during the evening skate time (8pm to 2am). At first we tried to go during the evening, but the wait was over 3 hours! We decided to go back the next morning, but still ended up waiting around 2 hours before we were actually on the ice.


It’s quite a bit more expensive than your other options with ticket prices being 12€ (6€ for kids) during the day and 20€ at night. You are able to reserve tickets online and skip part of the line, but everything was sold out really quickly. Also, it isn’t open as long as the other ones around Paris and closed on January 6th. Boo! It was a huge success, so I’m betting they’ll do have it again.

(PS: How cool are the orange skates?? Ha!)


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