The Feess family goes Switzerland

When I was thinking about what a fabulous year 2012 was, I realized I never blogged about our trip to Switzerland! We left the day after my internship was over and spent four days in Lucerne with James’ parents and sister. The mountain air was wonderful and we had a great time hanging out with the fam. Emily and James did most of the picture-taking, so here are the highlights!

We stayed at the Hotel Rebstock and it was absolutely wonderful.

Even though our bathroom door was glass…
The location couldn’t have been more perfect, plus it included a fantastic breakfast.

The first day/night we were in Lucerne just happened to be the same time as their annual summer music festival. It was a little crazy (with tons of people), but at the end of the night we could see the fireworks from our hotel room!

James’ mom booked us a day trip to Interlaken and up to the highest train station in Europe, Jungfraujoch. The train ride up was so beautiful!





And we got to walk through a glacier!

The only downside was the weather…we couldn’t see anything at the top!


One day we decided to rent bikes and explore Lucerne a bit. I was a little rusty (and terrified) since I haven’t actually been on a bike since I was in middle school. It all worked out fine though, even our ride through rush-hour traffic to return the bikes (yikes!).





We also walked around the city walls.

And went on a boat tour of Lake Lucerne. Once again, the weather wasn’t great, but the views were gorgeous!


James’ parents and sis traveled on to Italy after Switzerland, but James and I had to head back to Paris for work and for me to work on my master’s portfolio. I was such a fun vacation and a great break from Paris city life. We also really loved just being able to hang out with the fam and catch up on everything that has happened in the past year.



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