A snowy weekend in Paris

For the most part, it doesn’t snow in Paris. I think we got a few snow flurries one day last year and that was about as exciting as it got.

But this year…real snow!


It started snowing Friday night and, as of right now, I think we’ve gotten about 5 inches. Not too bad! James says that it’s suppose to continue into the first part of the week, but it could just turn to rain.


Yesterday we went for a walk around the 20th arrondisement and the absolutely cutest little neighborhood in Paris located near the Porte de Bagnolet metro stop (rue Irénée Blanc). It really feels like you’re in the countryside!


There were a bunch of kids out playing in the snow and adults trying to clean off their driveway with brooms and rakes.



This afternoon I braved the weather for a walking tour about the Resistance movement in Paris during WWII (which was great!), just wish I had my snow boots from Madison!

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