A long weekend in Normandy (Part 2: Barfleur & Honfleur)


During our long weekend in Normandy, James and I decided to take two little day-trips from our home base at Ferme de la Rançonnière. One was to the little fishing/harbor village of Barfleur and the other one was to the famous (and absolutely adorable!) town of Honfleur. 

We were looking for a little afternoon trip up the coast, so James and I decided that Barfleur looked interesting and it wasn’t terribly far away. Even though it rained quite a bit during our drive, we still enjoyed seeing more of the Norman countryside. We basically just drove to the center of town and had no problem finding a place to park.

We were quite surprised that the harbor was completely dry! We explored the area a bit (it really is cute!) and then basically just headed back home. A lot of the restaurants/cafes were closed, but I’m sure this place is hopping in the summer!


P1050976 P1050978 P1050980 P1050986

We took a little detour on our way home to Paris to have lunch and wander around Honfleur. Honfleur is a big tourist town because of their quaint little streets and half-timbered buildings. So cute! We were able to easily find parking in the center of town, near St Catherine’s Church, and then walked around to find a place for lunch. We ended up at Creperie des Arts and it was delicious! Our waitress was super nice and had no problem with Henry joining us. She even gave him a little bowl of water!

After lunch we spent about an hour walking around the harbor and around the old city. After a few very rainy days, we were relieved to have such nice weather!













While Barfleur was a little bit of a bust in Februrary, I still thought it was cute and would definitely go back during the summer months. Honfleur, on the other hand, I would recommend any time of year!


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