Kate Spade New York goes to Paris

Kate Spade has been one of my favorite designers for quite a while now. All of her designs seem so wearable-in-real-life and I’ve always loved her brightly colored accessories and purses. We even chose one of her silverware designs for our wedding registry! Lately, I’ve also been loving her clothing line and she just debuted an amazing Kate Spade goes to Europe theme at NY Fashion Week – complete with Paris, of course!

(all images from Stylecaster, you can find the full post here.)

Kate Spade RS14 9121.jpg


This dress definitely reminds me of the Eiffel Tower’s ironwork details and the ceiling of the Grand Palais.


Kate Spade RS14 9053.jpg

This black & white striped blouse is so Paris. Maybe a stereotypical Paris, but I still love it, especially with the little bow. (Also, wow that neon pink dress is magnifique! I feel like it might be a little more appropriate for southern France though, as Parisians have yet to embrace a lot of color. Maybe you could make it work with some grey/nude accessories.)

Kate Spade RS14 9031.jpg


I also love this watercolor skirt. The combination of gold, pink, orange, and green is so beautiful! Her inspiration came from Monet’s gardens at Giverny.

The Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2014 line also includes designs inspired by Monaco and Capri. You can see and read more about it at http://stylecaster.com/kate-spade-spring-2014/ and see it in action on Synde Style.


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