Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis


Known for being the final resting place for French Kings, the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis is a must for anyone interested in French history and those who love a good medieval Gothic cathedral. 

The Basilica of Saint Denis is located just outside of Paris, but you can still use the Metro (line 13) to get to it. The area is not the greatest, so definitely go straight to the basilica – this is not an area for wandering. We were a little surprised at the entry fee (€7.50 for adults) , so we decided to forgo the audio guide (€4.50 for one, €6 for a couple) and just read the pamphlet and signs. It was definitely enough information for us, but if you’re interested in learning about all the kings the audio guide would totally be worth it.

P1060131 P1060163

The stained glass was gorgeous even though it was quite dreary the day we went (ah Paris weather!).

P1060147 P1060156 P1060158

The most famous statues/tombs are by far those of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.


Fun fact:  if you’ve read the historical fiction novel The Pillars of the Earth by Kenneth Follet, Jack comes across this church during this pilgrimage, meets the Abbot Suger, and is inspired by the new style of architecture.



If you have an extra half-day in Paris, I would highly recommend the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis!

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