Good-bye Grad School, Hello Henry!

Part of me still can’t believe that I’m finished with grad school, the past two years have went by so fast! I did a whirlwind tour of the Mid-West the last two weeks of August, finishing it off with my Master’s presentation in Madison. Oh, how I miss that place! Also, Kansas City. And Springfield, MO.

While I was back I also got a visa for my new work contract. Yay! It’s only for four months, but with so many people having such a hard time finding work, I’m super happy to have it. James and I will for sure be in Paris through mid-January!

Also…I brought Henry back with me! He was scared when we first got to the airport and then through security, but once we were on the plane, he was so sweet. The ladies sitting next to me didn’t even realize he was there! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing blog DogJaunt, the help from our fantastic vet, and of course both sets of parents. My parents were so sad to see little Henry go!

Henry was a little scared of all the people, dogs, and loud noises, but he’s starting to get use to it. I’m hoping for a family trip to the Eiffel Tower sometime very soon!


A few days back in MO

I went back to Springfield for a few days last week to rendre visite à mes parents. It was great to see them again! And to be in Springfield. We did a bunch of wedding stuff and made some major decisions. My mom has a huge list of sewing and craft projects, but I think she’s enjoying every bit of it.

They really spoiled me with lots of good food. We even made it to Arris’ Pizza, one of my fav restaurants in Springfield. We also had this amazing dessert at least three nights.

I was also able to hang out with my 2 1/2 year old niece, Gracie. Never a dull moment with that little one! We played with her new doll house and watched about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse about a million times. I really wish I could see her more!

In other fun news, I started today as the Resource Center Coordinator at the study abroad office at UW! Its going to make for a busy semester, but the experience will be great. Plus the money is much needed for France next fall. Here’s to the start of a new semester!

Kim comes to the Ozarks!

My parents have season tickets to Silver Dollar City (if you haven’t experienced the wonder that is SDC, check out their website), and every so often they get free tickets. Since Kim has never been (and never been to Springfield, MO) we decided a trip was in order. Not to mention we’re on a major bridesmaid dress hunt.

We did everything typically Springfield/Branson I could think of in approx. 3 days. Bass Pro, Missouri State, outlet shopping, SDC, Battlefield Mall, Pineapple Whip, Mud Lounge, Gailey’s. Plus, we found a great contender for the bridesmaid dress. YAY! A great week for sure.

MO State!

watch out Kim!


Le cinéma

Last night I decided to go with some old friends from high school to see the movie Inception. I didn’t really know much about it going into the movie (Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead…something about getting into people dreams), but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was quite good and not so far out there that it was hard to follow. Since I didn’t know much about the movie, I was super excited when Marion Cotillard popped on screen as Leo’s wife. Love her!

In other movie news, Steve Carrell is starring in a remake of the popular French Film Le dîner de cons which is set to release towards the end of the month. The movie is centered around a “game” of who can bring the biggest schmuck/idiot to dinner. The French movie was great (if you like a sort of dark humor, but aren’t all French comedies like that?)!

Trip to Madison, Still No Apt…

Last week my parents and I took the almost 9 hour voyage from Springfield to Madison in hopes of finding James and I an apartment for the fall. While the city was lovely, we saw a lot of apartments that weren’t. Ick. My dad wouldn’t even walk into some of them. I’ve forgotten what college living is like…

Out of all the ones we saw, two were livable. We put our application in for both of them, but somehow, amazingly, neither of them worked out. The first one already had a security deposit on it when we applied (thanks for telling us!) and the second one thought the place was two small for two people (whatever!). So we’re still searching the Internet for places and have found two more, but without pictures I’m terrified to commit to something. Anyone ever rent an apartment without seeing it first?

Not much movement on the wedding front either. James and I are looking at a few places this weekend and early next week before I head back to Springfield. I think we’d really like to do a loft in the Crossroads next June. So many things to do!

Last night James and I went out for his birthday to a favorite KC restaurant for drinks and their assiette de fromage: Le Fou Frog! Its so cute and eclectic, I just love it. Their decorations are the best with a million different French and frog things. James claims it looks like my old apartment…