Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis


Known for being the final resting place for French Kings, the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis is a must for anyone interested in French history and those who love a good medieval Gothic cathedral.  Continue reading


Tour Montparnasse

The Tour Montparnasse is hard to miss. The only giant, black, ugly skyscraper in Paris is arguably the most hated building in the City of Light. I actually don’t even have a picture of the outside of it – I always try to do my best to keep it out of my pictures! After it was built the city even passed a law that limits the height of new construction to seven stories. Even with all the negatives, it does provide a fantastic view of the city (although many joke that it’s the best view because you’re not able to see the tower itself, ha!).

P1050605 P1050626

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Aux States, again

Well, we’ve been back in the US for over a month now and I’m not really sure why I haven’t been posting. I’ve definitely had plenty of time. Instead I’ve been watching a lot of trashy TV (which really isn’t any different from when we lived in Paris). Somehow they’ve all taken trips to Paris recently (seriously the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Anthony Bourdain!), so it hasn’t really helped me get over leaving France. Sometimes I try to think about all the things I didn’t like about Parisian life, like the smell, our horrible bed, six flights of stairs, and no smoke detectors, but then I look back through our pictures and realize just how lucky we were (are!). It’s nice having more space and a yard for Henry, but I’d take our little 260 sqft apartment back in a second.

We crammed in a lot of fun activities before we left Paris, including a 4-day trip to Normandy, so I’ll share all of that very soon. Until then, here are a few pictures of Henry taking in some last-minute sights before we left.


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Opera – Palais Garnier



Last Wednesday James and I went on a guided tour of the Palais Garnier…and it was amazing! It’s the first time either of us have been inside and it hasn’t been high on my “things to do in Paris” list basically because of the price (It’s 13 euros a person when you reserve a guided tour online. You also have the option of an unguided visit for around 8 euros, but I really thought having the extra information was worth it. ). I would have definitely have done the tour earlier had I realized what an amazing place it is! Continue reading