Favorite crepe pan


Happy Fall!

One of our favorite wedding presents so far is this fabulous crepe pan. It may not look like anything fancy, but it is so much better than using a regular skillet!

We pour in about a 1/3 cup of batter (I always use this simple recipe that makes great savory and sweet crepes), coat the pan, wait a couple of minutes and flip (my MIL gave us this wooden crepe turner and it it wonderful as well). They turn out great every time!

I also love it for making pancakes, omelettes, and egg sandwiches. Highly recommended!

(One of the Amazon reviewers said that the Teflon flaked off easily, and I have not seen this happen at all. We do wash it by hand though, so that could make a difference.)

Bon app!


First Anniversay Dinner (and cake!)

I just realized I never posted this, oops! I’m sooo close to being finished with my master’s portfolio, and when that happens I’ll share more about our summer. In the meantime, here’s a bit about our anniversary dinner!

James’ schedule in the summer is super crazy, so we decided to do our anniversary dinner the Saturday before at a place his boss raves about: La Table d’Euguene.

It’s not in the best part of town, but wow was it good! We only snapped these two pictures right before we starting eating, but everything was delicious! That being said…there were quite a few fancy things on the menu we were a little scared of/didn’t know what they were. Pigeon? Apparently it’s what fancy restaurants serve, but James and I decided to skip it. (Oh, also they’re not the pigeons you see on the street. Whew!) For our starters James had chicken and mushroom ravioli and I had a poached egg with asparagus and cucumbers in a parmesean cheese sauce. My main course was a lamb chop, lamb stew, and mashed sweet potatoes, while James had a giant porkchop with the best mushroom & cheese risotto I have ever tasted. Amazing!

I was a little disappointed in my chocoate-themed dessert (the waitress melted the ice cream & hard chocolate shell by pouring hot chocolate over it!), but James citron-theme was wonderful.

Since we ate the top layer of our wedding cake about a month after we were married (it was SO good!), James asked one of the chef’s at the cooking school to make us a mini red velvet cake. We had it with champagne (the real stuff!) on our actual anniversary.

(Also pictured: a sweet postcard, cards from our parents, and super thoughtful gifts from Kim)

First Anniversay Pictures

With all our visitors lately (super fun!) and an amazing trip to Switzerland, I’m waaay behind on posting about our first anniversary.

James and I decided it would be fun to get some pictures taken of us around Paris to celebrate our first anniversary, instead of giving each other big gifts. Plus, it’s hard to get a good picture when you’re the one taking it.

Turns out, French people don’t really do the whole “family portait” thing, so we went through a company called Better Paris Photos. In addition to taking visitors around Paris for photography classes, they also do family portraits.We opted for the basic package and Notre Dame & the Seine as our location.

Honestly, I was really nervous about how these would turn out. I mean, you just never know! We met our photographer at 8:45am (eek!) in order to beat the crowds. When we booked it, we thought “surely it will be warm and sunny by the first part of May!”, not so much. At least it didn’t rain though!

Here are some of our favs!

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Our photographer, Elena, was super nice and very professional. About 10 days after our little photoshoot she emailed us the link to our pictures and we were able to download and have the rights to everything. Even though it’s a little pricey (although, probably not much more than you would pay in the US for a portrait session), I would highly recommend them as a way to get professional photos taken around Paris.

Wedding Post # 7: Bridesmaid Cards & Invitations

Bridesmaid Cards

It’s so secret that I love a good craft project, so when I saw this DIY on how to make bridesmaid cards, I had to give it a shot!

Truth be told: I spent three hours making the first one. It took me forever to get the hair right! But once you figure out you pattern, the other ones come together fairly easily. The tutorial had some seriously amazing calligraphy, but since I’m not talented in that area, I just went for the good ole computer.

Here are a few pics of how mine turned out:



I mailed them to my bridesmaids (and MOH) about a year before our wedding, but still after we had all of the major decisions made. On the card I included the day/time of our wedding, location, wedding colors, and details about the bridesmaid dress.


We knew we didn’t want something really serious or overly fancy – just fun! I found some fun ones at Target, Michael’s, and Joann’s, but nothing was quite as cute as these little owls. (She has a lot of other fun designs, so definitely check out her Etsy store!)

Bonus was that we were able customize the colors! We ended up just purchasing the files and printing them through Cards & Pockets. (We also ordered the dark brown metallic pockets from them.) The printing was easy to order and the quality was great!

The only “do-over” would be either ordering a lighter color pocket or placing a piece of tissue over the invitation (you can even order this from them). On a lot of invitations, the brown from the pocket rubbed off onto the white of the invitation. Bummer. Not quite the look I was going for.

There are lots of “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to invitation wording. Since both sets of parents were paying for ours, we felt it was important to have both of their names on there.

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