Good-bye Grad School, Hello Henry!

Part of me still can’t believe that I’m finished with grad school, the past two years have went by so fast! I did a whirlwind tour of the Mid-West the last two weeks of August, finishing it off with my Master’s presentation in Madison. Oh, how I miss that place! Also, Kansas City. And Springfield, MO.

While I was back I also got a visa for my new work contract. Yay! It’s only for four months, but with so many people having such a hard time finding work, I’m super happy to have it. James and I will for sure be in Paris through mid-January!

Also…I brought Henry back with me! He was scared when we first got to the airport and then through security, but once we were on the plane, he was so sweet. The ladies sitting next to me didn’t even realize he was there! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing blog DogJaunt, the help from our fantastic vet, and of course both sets of parents. My parents were so sad to see little Henry go!

Henry was a little scared of all the people, dogs, and loud noises, but he’s starting to get use to it. I’m hoping for a family trip to the Eiffel Tower sometime very soon!


Au revoir Madison!

James and I have made it back to Missouri! We were both really sad to leave Madison. Our year there, while quite stressful, was very fun and we both loved Madison as a place to live. Hopefully we’ll be back someday!

James’s paperwork came through last Friday so we took a little detour through Chicago on our road-trip home. We’ve made it to KC and I’ll continue on to Springfield at the end of the week.

I still can’t believe that we’re picking up and moving to Paris (and I probably won’t until we’re both there!). I’m also super excited about working at ESCP!

More details to come, but I should be in Paris by this time next week! Yay!!


Every summer/end of June-ish in Madison they start six weeks of Concert on the Square. Its every Wednesday night starting at 7pm and I’m fairly sure everyone in Madison attends. Its really just a chance to sit outside of the Capitol building (us amateurs on a blanket, the fancier people bring chairs and mini-tables), eat, and drink alcohol.

We’ve been twice so far and always mean to meet up with work people, but we either never manage to find them or its way to crowded. Tonight’s music was “Film Noir” (which was awesome!) and we brought little Henry Pooper along! (Who we’ve been calling HP to gear up for the new Harry Potter movie…) Everyone loved Henry, and he loves being around people, so it all worked out. I’m super excited for the ABBA tribute band next week!!

A few pics:

PS: I going to try to do a few wedding themed posts, but first a weekend in Milwaukee with the new in-laws! 🙂

Now a Mrs!

After about 5 month hiatus, I’m back! The spring semester was super crazy for me (working 20 hrs a week, 4 classes, planning a wedding…), so blogging was not a high priority. I made it through, although sometimes I’m not sure how.

Our wedding

Even though we had a few bumps in the road (reception space closed down by the fire dept, bomb threat two blocks away the night of…I swear I thought David Tutera was going to appear), I had the MOST amazing time! Everything was completely wonderful. Just how I imagined! I loved seeing all our family and friends, we’re still amazed at how fast the night went. A huge thank you to our parents for all they did for us. Our photographer has already given us some highlights from the pictures she took (they can be found here), and I’ve also attached a few of my favs. I just love reliving it…:)


Thanks to James’s wonderful, generous, amazing parents, we spent our honeymoon in Aruba. Our place was on the beach and we spent a fantastic week relaxing on the beach, watching TV, hanging out by the pool, and whipping up some fancy (well, maybe not-so-fancy) meals. We treated ourselves to dinner at Wacky Wahoo’s and had some delicious seafood.

Bonne année!

2011 already!? 2010 sped by for me, isn’t funny that time seems to go faster when you’re older? James and I have a big year ahead of us with our wedding and hopefully going to France once more. I’m not sure if we’ll have the money for a honeymoon (sad face), but I’ve still been imagining fun places we could go this summer.

For NYE James and I drank the fancy champagne I brought him when I came back from France. Did I ever post about couchsurfing in Reims with Kristin? We spent a weekend and did a tour and tasting at the Pommery champagne house. It was lovely and we tried two different kinds of real champagne! For some reason we had a really hard time finding it when we got back to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, but I managed to score a bottle for James in Paris.

James and I also bought some cheese and bread at Trader Joe’s, so our NYE was très français.


Before I start taking all our Christmas decorations down tomorrow (another sad face), we took a little family photo! Smile Henry!

our family