RVA French Film Festival

Every spring Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond get together and organize a huge French film festival. This year they screened over 15 full-length feature films and a dozen or so short films. Impressive! For each feature film they bring over either the director or a principal actor to talk about the film a bit before it starts, then do a question/answer session afterwards.

A pass for the festival is a little pricey at $115 ($65 for students), but you can also buy individual tickets 30 minutes before the film starts for $15. Another bonus is that the festival is held at the historic Byrd Theatre in Carytown. This was our first time seeing a movie there – gorgeous! The only downside is the seats must be original because, well, let’s just say you can feel the springs.

James and I decided to see Attila Marcel, and while it wasn’t our favorite French movie ever, it was actually quite good. Attila Marcel the story of a man in his 30s, Paul, who witnessed his parents death at the age of 2, and then became mute. He lives in Paris with his two aunts and meets an eccentric neighbor who helps him remember his parents and what happened to them. It sounds a bit sad, but the overall theme of the movie is quite happy. The main character, Guillaume Gouix, is also in the super popular (and terrifying) French TV series, Les Revenants. (If you’re into thriller/scifi things, I’ve heard they’re doing a similar series in the US called Resurrection.)

I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival!