My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz

I am sooo excited about David Lebovitz’s new book, My Paris Kitchen. It comes out April 8th and he’s also doing a book tour in the U.S. Hoping to see him in DC!



Holiday Baking in France

Since we arrived, I’ve been lamenting about how we didn’t have an oven. I just never realized how much we use it or how convenient it is to throw a pizza (or a million other things) in the oven for dinner.

We talked to our landlord about getting one, and they actually said they would buy one for us!! Well, the apartment that is. (side note: Did you know that when Parisians move apartments, they take everything with them? An unfurnished apartment is exactly that: no appliances, no cabinets!)

They ended up buying us this little gem, and I couldn’t be more excited!! I found this amazing, French baking blog that includes red velvet cake and sugar cookies. I’ve officially gathered all the supplies (including a fancy scale to measure grams!) and I plan on trying a few things out tomorrow. A little piece of advice when cooking/baking in France: don’t try to convert mL or grams to cups, it’s just not worth the headache.  It will hurt your brain. Promise. Instead,  find a French recipe and go with it! has a million wonderful recipes!