Every summer/end of June-ish in Madison they start six weeks of Concert on the Square. Its every Wednesday night starting at 7pm and I’m fairly sure everyone in Madison attends. Its really just a chance to sit outside of the Capitol building (us amateurs on a blanket, the fancier people bring chairs and mini-tables), eat, and drink alcohol.

We’ve been twice so far and always mean to meet up with work people, but we either never manage to find them or its way to crowded. Tonight’s music was “Film Noir” (which was awesome!) and we brought little Henry Pooper along! (Who we’ve been calling HP to gear up for the new Harry Potter movie…) Everyone loved Henry, and he loves being around people, so it all worked out. I’m super excited for the ABBA tribute band next week!!

A few pics:

PS: I going to try to do a few wedding themed posts, but first a weekend in Milwaukee with the new in-laws! 🙂


Bark Off

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we received a barking complaint the first night we moved into our new apartment (thanks for the welcome neighbors). James’s mom told us about this anti-barking collar you can get that sprays citronella when they bark. We looked it up online and it got decent reviews, but costs like $45. Eek. So we happened to be in Petsmart getting Henry some more food when James saw Bark Off, and for $10 we decided to give it a try.

If you haven’t seen the tv promos, Bark Off is this little device that when a dog barks it makes a high-pitched-audible-to-dogs-only noise that is uncomfortable for them. No citronella or shocking involved. Well…

1). James and I must have super hearing because we can definitely hear the high pitched noise.
2). Coicidently, it also works on humans since now James and I whisper to each other so we don’t set it off.
3). Every once in a while Henry will take to actually barking at the Bark Off.
4). Sometimes we forget to turn it on and just make the high-pitched noises at Henry ourselves.

Overall its not bad, Henry was quite scared of it at first and he is probably more likely to stop after one bark now, but there’s definitely still barking. We haven’t had any more complaints though, so we’re sort of over it.


Just a bit about our Christmas, over a month late. My apologies. 🙂

James found us this amazing hostel in London, Astor Hyde Park. Right next to Hyde Park and about 15 mins from Harrods. We were in a big dorm room so it was cheaper, but still my favorite hostel we stayed at. They even had a special dinner Christmas day that we participated in, so fun! We met a lot of nice people (mainly Australians since they can work in the UK for 2 years, lucky). The only annoying thing was there were about as many people working as visiting so there was a lot of “staff” things. “Staff table”, “staff breakfast”, “staff blah blah”. Most of them were nice though.

London is one of my favorite cities. It really just amazes me how clean things are there, especially the Tube. The first day we just went to Harrods (which was nuts!) and guess who is their new mascot? HENRY! Well, a dog that looks a lot like Henry. They had a million things with him on it but I managed to control myself and only bought a notepad for my parents and a Christmas ornament.

he's so cute!!

The next day we did another New Europe walking tour, this time it was great! Even in the rain. The only disappointed was the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square. I was expecting something along the lines of the one in Rockefeller Center, not even close. More like Charlie Brown. After our fabulous tour we found one of the restaurants in the tour book a teacher lent me: Pret a Manger. Now, for some reason I thought it was just one restaurant and we were lucky enough to stumble upon it during our tour. No, its a chain and if you’re going anywhere fun you’re bound to see one. We had lunch there and it was delicious with reasonable prices. For the rest of the trip we knew if we saw a Pret a Manger we were going in the right direction. Thanks Madame Blas!

our free tour!

James by Buckingham Palace

guard with funny hat

Big Ben and the London Eye

For some reason I thought it would be fun to go to Christmas Eve midnight mass in London. Even now I can’t remember why, but the Brompton Oratory was not too far from our hostel and my sweet James agreed to go with me. In retrospect I wish we would’ve just stayed at the hostel and watched Home Alone. When we got there it was already packed, standing room only. The church itself was amazing though, a gem considering the distaste for Catholics London once had. First the choir sang a few numbers, absolutely fabulous (my favorite part of the whole thing actually), then mass started. I was excited to finally have a mass in English, but right before it started I said to James, “Do you think this is going to be in Latin? If it is I want to go home”. Of course it was. We stayed though and after a while of standing we went to one of the side chapels and sat on the kneelers. The most entertaining thing about the whole service was some guy decided to bring his black lab. James and I watched him/her most of the night.

Christmas day everything was closed, even the Tube, so we decided to take a walk through Hyde Park. It was so beautiful! A little cold, but the sun was shining so we decided to walk back to Buckingham Palace and St. James Park as well.

Buckingham Palace

When we got back to the hostel the Christmas party was just getting started. We only paid 5 pounds a piece and had tons of food! It was a super fun day/night with tons of foods, drinking, dancing, and games.

Christmas Party!

The day after Christmas in the UK is Boxing Day, which must be the biggest shopping day of the year for them. James and I made the mistake of going to Oxford Street. It was SO crazy! We went into a few stores but couldn’t even begin to look at things and to purchase something probably would’ve taken an hour. I actually saw a group of girls run down stairs and push people out of their way for stuff. After that madness we went up to the Camden Markets. A lot of cheesy, crappy stuff but some really interesting creations as well. I found a lot dresses I liked way out of my price range and James found the most super cool shoes ever (AND on sale), but they didn’t have his size. Boo.

That night we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. At the theater we went to, they assign you seats when you get the tickets, just like at a real theater, so we had to sit fairly close. I still liked the movie though!

The next day we went to the Imperial War Museum which is located in the old mental hospital, Bedlam. The museum was HUGE and had a lot interesting things. We were planning on only spending an hour or so I think we ended up staying for 3. It still amazes me that all museums in London are free!

Imperial War Museum

piece of Berlin Wall

One of the things I really wanted to do in London was a ghost tour. James found this really cool company called London Walks and the walk was great! We walked through so many little alley ways and quaint areas of the City of London. The tour guide was great as well and talked about a lot of historical things as well as the ghost stories. One of my favorites parts was that we saw Diagon Alley! I think I might have embarrassed James by yelling it out before the tour guide told us, but I was so excited! Pictures coming soon!

For our last day in London we went towards the City of London area again and the Tower Bridge. We walked across Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern and this time gave ourselves a time limit. I really like a lot of what we saw! One of our favorites was the “married couple”.

married couple

After a lovely lunch at the Tate Modern we went by St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge. I really wanted to go into the Tower of London (it looks so cool!), but it costs 17 pounds! I couldn’t believe it was so much! They must be trying to make up for all the museums being free.

St. Paul's and Millennium Bridge

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

For dinner we went in search of Fryer’s Delight, supposedly the best Fish and Chips in town. We actually found it, but it was closed. Bank Holiday. GRR!! Next time for sure. As a consolation for eating McDonald’s, James took me to the Winter Wonderland aka Christmas Market. I had been talking about hot wine the whole trip, so I was super excited to get some! The Winter Wonderland was a little different than what we have in France in that it had lots of rides, and even a weird haunted house roller coaster. We walked around for a while and then headed back to our new hostel by St. Pancras station.

If you’ve been to London you might know that St. Pancras is right next to King’s Cross. Who gets on their train at Kind’s Cross? That’s right, Harry Potter! James was sweet enough to take my picture: I’m on my way to Hogwarts!

platform 9 3/4

In order to catch our super early train to Paris the next morning we had to switch hostels. James warned me it didn’t get good reviews, but I don’t think I could’ve ever been prepared for the night ahead of us. It looked sketchy from the outside, but was actually quite clean. The horrendous part was our room. Bunk beds three tall, no place to put your stuff, super squeaky door, music all night, at least 15 people in the room, guy snoring super loud next to me. And to make matters worse I was getting sick. I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse night. Although it was utterly terrible, it was exactly the location we needed.

The Eurostar was great, well what a remember. We both fell asleep almost immediately and woke up in Paris. WEE!! I’ll try to write more about Paris soon, James had a few tricks up his sleeve!