Bonne année!

2011 already!? 2010 sped by for me, isn’t funny that time seems to go faster when you’re older? James and I have a big year ahead of us with our wedding and hopefully going to France once more. I’m not sure if we’ll have the money for a honeymoon (sad face), but I’ve still been imagining fun places we could go this summer.

For NYE James and I drank the fancy champagne I brought him when I came back from France. Did I ever post about couchsurfing in Reims with Kristin? We spent a weekend and did a tour and tasting at the Pommery champagne house. It was lovely and we tried two different kinds of real champagne! For some reason we had a really hard time finding it when we got back to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, but I managed to score a bottle for James in Paris.

James and I also bought some cheese and bread at Trader Joe’s, so our NYE was très français.


Before I start taking all our Christmas decorations down tomorrow (another sad face), we took a little family photo! Smile Henry!

our family


Wisconsin Dells

Wow, I’m so behind! Mid-semester work has been making me crazy, so I’m going to try to catch up on things this weekend.

James’s parents visited us two weeks ago, and it was SO much fun to have them here! And to see someone from home. Even though Madison is our “home” now, it still feels a little like I’ve just gone away to school. They arrived on a Friday and we went out to our fav pizza place: The Roman Candle Pizzeria, then for a walk around the Capitol with Henry and had spice cake with cream cheese icing for dessert. Yum!

On Saturday after a trip to Trader Joe’s we headed to the Wisconsin Dells. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but heard it compared to Branson. On the main street there were a bunch of kitschy stores (old time photos, fudge making, souvenir t-shirts, etc), but we took a boat ride of the Dells on the Wisconsin River and it was beautiful! The weather was a little chilly, but it was super sunny and clear. We even got to get off the boat and explore a little bit.

A few pics of the Dells:

In other news we got our engagement pics taken last weekend (hopefully I’ll post about that soon!) and James found a JOB!!!